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Cabin wedding venues

The Lodge

Imagine a rustic lodge, nestled on a sprawling 160-acre farm, serving as the enchanting backdrop for your wedding ceremony. This venue boasts picturesque landscapes, where breathtaking views unfold in every direction. The lodge itself radiates a warm, rustic charm, inviting couples and their guests into a world where natural beauty and serene elegance converge.

Country house wedding venues

Wedding Venues with Lodging

Forest wedding venues

Chicken Chapel

Small Wedding Venues in Tennessee

Envision a unique and charming setting for your elopement: the Chicken Chapel, a quaint and picturesque venue perfect for those seeking an intimate and memorable way to say "I do." This one-of-a-kind chapel offers a beautiful, rustic backdrop that combines the simplicity of country life with the beauty of love and commitment. Nestled within a serene farm, the chapel provides not just a place for your ceremony, but also access to the farm's amenities, ensuring your special day is as comfortable as it is enchanting.

The Pool

Choosing an outdoor setting for your wedding ceremony could present the delightful possibility of incorporating a poolside ambiance into your celebrations. The inherent elegance of a pool adds a touch of serenity and style to your venue, and with a variety of imaginative enhancements available, it can be transformed into a stunning focal point of your special day. This setting, featuring a picturesque pool and pavilion, offers a unique and elegant option for couples seeking an unforgettable ceremony backdrop.

Wedding venues with swimming pool
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